If you are building a new home... you are probably meeting with plumbers, electricians, HRV specialists , maybe siding people, painting contractors, roofing guys and landscapers. Just as all these people are all experts in their field ( you certainly wouldn't want your plumber to shingle the roof), you need an expert to properly wire your new home for today's electronic demands. I will consult with you to make sure the cable outlets, phone outlets and internet connections are in the best possible location to make for a clean installation, while planning for high definition TV's, access points or multi-purpose cat5 outlets.

" Today's homes are not wired the way they used to be."

It should be done by a professional through a distribution panel to make any changes easier as your needs evolve. Customizing the wiring infrastructure at the time of construction is the best way to ensure you get the most from all of your devices.

If you are opening a new commercial space...

for retail, professional or industrial purposes, I have the training and certification to get your business started with all your phone, internet, intercom, sound and video requirements. I can do the design, get the required permits, run all the wires and install these important aspects of running a successful business.

It all starts with a free consultation to decide what works best for you, then proceeds to design a system that fits your budget.

This is one of the most popular growth areas in home electronics.

With the cost of Going to the movies ever increasing, and with giant TV's reaching affordable levels,  in the 70 inch, 80 inch even 100 inch sizes, it makes sense to bring the theater into your home. Whether you are building a new home and have a specific room for it, or are renovating that storage room or un-used bedroom in the basement, I can help you with the design, layout and installation of your new theater. Everything from the speaker placement, the display type, (LCD, LED, Plasma or projector), size and shape of the room, even color and texture of the materials used can either enhance  or detract from the overall experience.

"Don't leave these important decisions to someone
who is not trained in this field!"

Whether it's a simple 5.1 surround system or a full blown 7.2 surround with a motorized screen and a 3D projector , proper installation and set-up is critical to get the most out of the equipment you paid for.

Whatever your situation,
there is a camera designed to do the job.

As part of the overall security of your home or business, you may want to consider a video surveillance system. With the right combination of camera's and Digital video recorder (DVR) you can get the level of security you want or need for your family or business. Some allow you to check on things from anywhere, at anytime. Check on the house , kids , pets while at work or check on your business or staff while at home or away on vacation. You can even be notified on your smart-phone when a package arrives at your front door. There is a wide range of camera's available to meet every need . Weather proof , vandal proof dome, day-night, high resolution, wireless, even covert camera's. DVR's available in 4,8,16 channels to record for evidence or just to check on things.

Almost everyone has their own music they like to listen to. It can come in many different formats like MP3 player ,I pod, I phone, PC files ,radio, CD players, Satellite radio or digital channels from your service provider.

With today's Whole Home Audio Solutions, everyone in the family can have their music played at their volume in their space without taking over the whole system.

You can also share music with as many areas as you like. In-wall keypads can give you as much control as you want or need in any given area and with the wide range of speakers available, in-wall in-ceiling, bookshelf, subwoofers you can customize each area as you like for sound quality and aesthetics .You can even stream your music sources wirelessly to the main system so play lists are at your fingertips. I can help you choose which system ,which options and which speakers are right for your application. Then wire it , install it and calibrate it to ensure your family is getting full enjoyment from it.

Tom Powell's AV Home Solutions (March 2008 - Present)

Training certificate from HANA
(Home Automation and Networking Association) March 2001

Training certificate Leviton Integrated Networks
Residential Structured Media System Installer Program September 2001

Certified by CEDIA
(Custom Electronic Design and Installation Assoc) September 2005

NS Community College
Certificate in Telecommunications Structured Cabling February 2006

NS Dept. of Environment and Labour Office of the Fire Marshal
Communications Cabling Specialist Certificate April 2006

The biggest changes ever in the TV industry has taken place in the last few years. With all the advances in high definition Television signal, Blu-ray video and 3D technologies, it has put an increased demand on a TVs ability to display this new picture quality. With the ability to have the internet displayed directly on your TV It is becoming more important to have the TV close by, whether it be in the kitchen or a near-by family room.

All this requires the proper wiring in the proper location
to make the installation neat, clean and uncluttered, with hi-def wiring out of sight.

So from planning where the wires should go as you build, or just re-running them to the best location for your current needs, to choosing the best display for your specific environment, and then doing the installation and connection to your hi-def equipment, you should have a professional do the work. Most people spend a lot of money to buy this new technology and then fall short of spectacular results by not using the proper connections to ensure getting what they paid for.

Tom Powell
Certified low-voltage wiring specialist

Call: 902.483.9338

Email: tom@avhs.ca

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